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We have always believed that you should receive:

That you should not have to feel worried about potential leaks or blow-off's every time we get inclement weather. That you should feel secure and confident knowing you have chosen the best. That your yard will not be 'trashed' and that your lawn and garden's will be protected. A considerable portion of the calls we receive are the result of faulty workmanship. Therefore, we only offer the very best roofing materials and our crews provide the very best in quality installation

We price our jobs in a fair and competitive manner so that you will receive the most value for your purchase. There will always be an extremely large variation in pricing on re-roof jobs, ranging from 'Bob' doing you a "favor" on the side, who can't provide you with a certificate of insurance and certainly won't return your calls when the problems arise... to 'Larry' the high pressure salesman that isn't concerned about your needs but pressures you on his outrageous price, preying on elderly citizens. We believe you should receive a quality job for a fair price.

Your home is a large investment and the appearance of your home is a considerable factor in re-sale value, not to mention the pride you feel when others notice your home's sharp appearance

We pride ourselves on providing you with a job that's done in an efficient and orderly manner. We know you don't want a roof job that is going to take weeks or even months, so we provide you with a large crew that can typically do most residential homes in 1-2 days. Thus, less stress worrying 'if' or 'when' the job will get done and no long term mess in your yard

Belov Roofing and Siding is a Rhode Island roofer who will work with you to ensure your roof is safe and secure. We maintain the highest standards of customer service in everything we do.

Licenses / Credentials:
• RI Contractors Registration #27065

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Services Offered:

  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Replacement
  • Home Siding
  • Siding Repairs
  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Layovers
  • Small roof repairs
  • Repoint Chimney/Rebuild
  • Composite roofing
Finding a Reliable Rhode Island Roofer

The roof over your head is literally your first defense against the outside elements. If your roof is in poor condition you risk serious damage to your whole house and all your belongings. Water can seep in, damaging the structure of the roof, walls and ceilings. Left in disrepair the cost of having the damage repaired will only grow over time. The sooner you call a competent Rhode Island Roofer to take care of the problem, the more money you will actually save.

No matter what type of roof you have, replacing it can be a major expense. The roofing materials are only a small part of what you’ll pay. The biggest expense in hiring a qualified Rhode Island Roofer will be in labor. Roofing is a profession requiring many skills including framing construction, mathematics and carpentry. Finding a Roofer is the easy part. Finding a qualified Rhode Island Roofer that has the experience and know-how to do the job right and leave you with a secure roof over your head might take some time.

Getting Your Bid from a Rhode Island Roofer

Once you have a few companies in mind, it’s time to ask for some bids. Some people believe that the more bids you can get the better but really you only need three or four. If there is too much competition, a Roofer may feel it’s not worth his time to offer a bid. In actuality, a well known Roofer could have other clients waiting while you're still in the decision process, thus you may lose a bid from the most qualified Rhode Island Roofer. So keep the bidding to a select few.

Remember when asking for a bid, you don’t want just a slip of paper with a number on it. You want an itemized list of what everything will cost including all materials and labor. Provide each Rhode Island Roofer with a detailed list of what you’d like included in the bids and this will help ensure that you receive some uniform quotes that are easy to compare. If one bid is significan'tly lower than another you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where the differences are.

The lowest bid is not always the best deal nor is the highest bid going to guarantee you’ll get the best service or materials. You should look for a balance of both reasonable price and good service. If one bid seems considerably lower than the others ask the Roofer why. One Roofer may simply have lower overhead, fewer workers or a better source for materials and this savings can often be passed on to the customer but make certain the Roofer can back up any claims he makes.

Once you’ve selected the Rhode Island Roofer you want for your project, you should ask for a contract.


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"Fantastic all around. On Time, On Budget. hired them to install a new asphalt roof on a steep pitch and re-stain my mother's house. She liked them so much I think she was sad to see them go. Great guys - neat, polite, and professional.. I would recommend them for anything they do."

Christopher W., Westerly, RI

"We received an immediate call and quote was priced right. I am a realtor with Weichert in westerly and was glad to have someone that I know I can count on to refer confidently to my clients knowing they will be well cared for. Thanks, Kathleen Smith Weichert Realtors. "

Kathleen S., Westerly RI

"M & A put on a new roof for one job. Then they completed foundation support in the basement for another job. The work was completed in a timely fashion, done correctly, and what I wanted done. The price was very competitive. I recommend them highly. "

Dominic N., East Greenwich, RI